Puppy Reflector Collar
Puppy Reflector Collar
Puppy Reflector Collar

Puppy Reflector Collar

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Designed specially for puppies.

Perfect for those night-time before bed strolls so Mummy can find you in the dark.


  • Padded Webbing Feel the softness of the webbing and know how your pup will love it too. No rashes for your pupz!
  • Fashionable Yes, we love to hate her but Paris knows her bling. Now our pupz are in fashion too.
  • Bright Sparkly and shiny.
  • Scratchproof Webbing They’ll try and maybe one in ten will succeed but the average pup won’t be able to scratch this.
  • Softness  This webbing is pliable and soft to suit that newborn puppy skin.
  • Baby Colours Our irresistible pastel baby colours are appropriate for the homely family pup who isn’t ready yet to get Blinged up and dirty.
  • Contoured Plastic Components ROGZ rounded contoured plastic components ensure that every ROGZ collar fits snuggly.
  • Die-cast Ring Custom designed die cast ring (no welding). Electroplated chrome with a tarnish free finish
Puppy Reflector Collar