Royal Canin Feline Ageing Senior 12+ 2kg

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RENAL HEALTH  Kidney disease is extremely prevalent in the ageing cat population and is one of the most common medical reasons older cats are seen by veterinarians. Ageing 12+ is reduced in phosphorus which helps support renal health.

HELPS STIMULATE APPETITE As cats age, it may become more picky. A declining sense of smell and taste can make food less appealing, while dental sensitivities can make it difficult to chew. Ageing +12 has an exclusive combination of natural flavours and aromas, combined with a unique dual texture kibble design - containing a soft cream filling surrounded by a crunchy outer shell. The nutrient and energy dense kibble is easy to chew and helps stimulate the appetite of an ageing cat, ensuring picky eaters are able to meet their daily nutritional needs.

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