Royal Canin Giant Junior 15kg

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Giant breed dogs have a set of specific requirements that need to be met to help them have a long and healthy life. The Giant range from ROYAL CANIN Size Health Nutrition brings an exclusive nutritional answer to these specific requirements, taking into account your pet's size, age, activity and physiological state.

Key Benefits:

  • Immune Development Support: The giant breed puppy’s immunological defences develop between the 4th and 12th week of life. GIANT Puppy helps support natural defences during this initial stage of growth with a unique antioxidant complex.
  • Optimal Digestion: Giant breed puppies show a higher digestive sensitivity than other puppies. An exclusive combination of nutrients (such as highly digestible proteins and prebiotics) promote optimal digestion and contribute to a good stool quality as the puppy matures.
  • High Skeletal Growth: Helps support intense skeletal growth while promoting age-appropriate body weight.
  • Optimal Skeletal Development: Allows healthy bone growth in the giant puppy through an optimal balance of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Joint Care: Key nutrients help support healthy bone development.

Made Specifically For: Giant breed dogs (> 45 kg) up to 8 months of age

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